What Makes Our Programs Unique

Takafa Academy’s Programs are based on

Hands-on Tools

Emotional intelligence-based diagnosis to reveal your mental and emotional characters and strengths.

Effective Coaching

Individual coaching based on the hands-on tools, aiming at making your transformation tailor-made for you, real and comprehensive.

Cutting-edge masterclasses

Breakthrough masterclasses that will enable you to acquire practical competencies to engender your transformation pragmatically.

Strong support system

A permanent follow up throughout the duration of the programs to make sure you are achieving the goals you set for the programs.

Our Programs

Choose one of our programs below

Self-Empowerment Program

The Self-Empowerment Program helps you shape the limitless part of your being to unlock your full potential and improve your soft skills.

Character and Career Development Program

The Character and Career Development Program helps you discover and harness your key talents to enable higher performance in your well-being, career, and relationships.

Who can benefits from our programs

Our programs are designed for


University and college students of all subjects and levels, as well as graduates and job seekers.


Employees of all kinds and levels, including freelancers of all categories.


Public and private organizations of all kinds and levels.


All kinds of wealth creators and social impact catalysts.

They trust us

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