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Soft Skills Are Essential For Performance

According to the USAID, soft skills are cognitive, social, and emotional skills, behaviors, and personal qualities that help people to navigate their environment, relate well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals. They are considered complementary to hard skills that can be job specific, and are generally teachable and malleable throughout the life cycle.

Important Facts & Statistics

Soft Skills Enhance Individual And Group Success

Job success comes from 85% of soft skills and 15% of hard skills

92% of hiring managers said soft skills are more valuable than technical skills, 89% of them said bad hires usually don’t have soft skills

Soft skill-intensive occupations will account for two-thirds (2/3) of all jobs by 2030

Hiring employees with more soft skills could increase revenue by more than $90,000

Youth equipped with effective soft skills have 12.7% more chance to identify and secure employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

People with effective soft skills earn 19% more in wages in Sub-Saharan Africa

Soft skills training increase youth propensity for and success in entrepreneurship by 30%

Training on soft skills increase overall income and equity by 244%, and women are more likely to benefit from it

Governments and policymakers in Sub-Saharan Africa believe several key soft skills lead to better governance and equitable development


The Takafa Academy Platform

Making up for the lack of effective training on soft skills that exists in most education systems in developing countries.

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Our programs

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Self-Empowerment Program

The Self-Empowerment Program helps to shape the limitless part of individuals in order to unlock their full potential and improve their soft skills.

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We are fully involved, impacting people and organizations

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Our programs

Our programs are based on 4 components

Psychometric Assessments

Emotional intelligence-based diagnosis to reveal the mental and emotional characters of individuals as well as their strengths and essential talents.

Individual and personalized coaching

Based on the results of the psychometric assessments, aiming at making real and comprehensive individuals’ transformation; including online debrief sessions.

Cutting-edge masterclasses

Delivered by experts and practitioners to enable individuals to acquire practical soft skills to engender their transformation pragmatically. Accessible online on our streaming platform.

A robust support system

Including a permanent follow up throughout the duration of the programs to make sure individuals achieve the goals they have set when joining the programs.

How it works

It Takes 5 Easy Steps


Enrolment and Validation

Enroll in a program and checkout. Validate enrolment


Psychometric Assessment

Take Brain Profile Assessment


Coaching Package

Receive Brain Profile and Coaching Package


Masterclass Platform

Use credentials to log in masterclass streaming platform


Support System

Launch support system and book debrief sessions

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